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Davivienda places different communication lines at your convenience, ready to assist you in a simple, friendly, and reliable fashion. Please contact us through any of our channels based on your inquiries:

Banco Davivienda

If you are a shareholder of Banco Davivienda and would like to get information about your shares, please contact DECEVAL customer service lines or reach out to your broker:

(+57) 601 307-7127

(+57) 01 8000-111-901

Investor Relations

If you represent a shareholder or investor, or if you are a capital market analyst and would like to get in touch with the Investor Relations team, please find the contact information below:

Paula Botía Cella

Head of Investor Relations

(+57) 601 220-3495

Other Requirements

If you are our customer and you would like to learn more about our products or have any questions about your Bansuperior or Bancafé shares, please contact customer service:

(+57) 601 338-3838

(+57) 018000-123-838


It is important for us to address your inquiries as soon as possible. That is why we offer you a list of the most frequently asked questions; you may be able to find the answers you need.

Davivienda offers two types of shares: common and preferred. Common shares carry voting rights and economic rights, such as receiving dividends. Preferred shares do not carry voting rights, but they do enjoy the same economic rights as ordinary shares. Preferred shares are traded on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), whereas ordinary shares are not traded.

Dividends are returns on investment granted proportionally to the number of shares held. These may be paid in cash or in stocks using the profits made by the company over a given period. The decision to pay dividends to shareholders rests in the Annual General Meeting, which also determines the frequency and form of payment of such dividends.

Banco Davivienda reports financial results every six months. Consequently, the proposal to distribute dividends is made and discussed at the General Shareholders’ Meeting every six months.

For now, Davivienda shares are traded exclusively in the Colombian market. However, the Bank is planning on issuing shares in international markets.

You may access via to the IR Site. Then, click on Financial Information, and you will be able to find our quarterly and yearly results.

General Meetings take place to approve and publish Davivienda’s Statements. Shareholders with voting rights also vote on the proposal to distribute dividends and other projects made by the Bank.

Everyone holding Davivienda’s preferred or common shares may attend, but only ordinary shareholders can vote. Our AGM date, time, and place are posted on our website.

After accessing our website (, you will find a link to Investor Relations, where you will be able to learn more about Banco Davivienda and Grupo Bolívar, our holding company. Financial information, details about our corporate governance, as well as key information for shareholders. Moreover, you can download share certificates, statements, and information on dividend payments.

As a shareholder, you are entitled to several political and economic rights. Exercising these rights ought to be done in conjunction with a commitment to monitor information (economic, financial, corporate, etc.) and to attend the Annual General Meeting or, as the case may be, to delegate your vote. The primary rights of shareholders are:

Right to dividends
Right to preferred subscription
Right to a liquidation quota
Right to attend General Shareholder Meetings
Right to information
Right to transfer shares
Right to challenge corporate resolutions
Right to separate
Right to summon the Meeting
Right to vote in General Shareholder Meetings (limited to holders of ordinary shares)

To see the number of shares you hold, you may reach out to your broker, or you may access the Davivienda Investor Site by accessingselecting the tab called Information for shareholders,and clicking on Certificates.You may log in using your Deceval account and ID number.

Certificates available in the Investors Site are updated as of December 31st of the immediately preceding year. If you need current information, you may contact your brokerage firm, Deceval, or email us to

If you purchased your shares through a broker and need to notify us about a change of address or update your personal information, you must do so through your broker. If you purchased your shares through Davivienda, you might update your contact information by approaching any of our branches throughout Colombia.

All updates concerning shareholders must be processed by the direct depositor, i.e., through your brokerage firm.

Certificates of income for tax returns are available on our website. Follow this path:>>Investors Relations >> Investors >> Certificates. If you need another kind of certificate, you must request it by reaching out to your brokerage firm or by emailing:

Preferred stock may be purchased through any brokerage firm (SCB). Davivienda owns Davivienda Corredores.